Neamat Abed Alridha

Neamat Abed Alridha

I am a creative person who is very passionate about media and entertainment industry, specialy broadcasting TV industry , used to work under the supervision of various directors , and in collaboration with renowned production , TVs , and Radio station as a TV/Radio presenter and producer , I,ve go an excellent communications skills and the ability to lead , inspire and motivate people , I enjoy working with TVs .

Neamat Abed Alridha

personal information

born Iraq
Nationality Iraq
Occupation Journalist and program presenter
Music I studied oriental music
program (no longer a secret)
Certificates The best media face of 2017

who am I ?

Nima Riad Ahmed, the daughter of the late Iraqi artist Riyad Ahmed, I learned from my family the love of the homeland and the love of art, so I studied oriental music and found in art a language united by all peoples. This is what my father planted in me. She presented the Arab family with social, artistic and morning programs. I loved the radio and the radio atmosphere through my communication with the direct audience. Simply I am a person who breathes ambition and there is no ceiling for my ambition.

my programs

I presented a variety of programs, including the direct morning programs through Arab channels, and presented artistic talk shows, I was interested in the details of art and music. Some shortcomings of the health, educational and legal sectors. She also presented the radio program (Sheko Mako), which was broadcast in Jordan, Iraq and some Arab countries, and it is considered a fast youth program.

My highlights

Program (No longer a secret) award for best media performance at the level of Iraq, Salalah Festival

A certificate of appreciation for the efforts made in the festival, World Theater Day, Oman (certificate of appreciation.

Dhofar Theater Certificate Salalah Troupe Certificate.

Certificate of the best media face for the year 2017, the most searched on social networking sites 2016

At the level of Iraq and some Arab countries.

Photo Gallery

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instgram: here

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